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News: eXcite CS NETWORK welcomes you~

Published: 01/01/2018 Back

It's been more than one year for us since our launch.


Project XUID has been a tremendous success for us and we would like to continue serving you.

In development , we now accept 100+ crypto coins along with perfect money.

In cryptos we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum , Monero, DASH , BitcoinCASH, BitcoinGOLD and other major cryptos.

We don't process this payments over 3rd party service rather we have partnered with CryptoGW or CryptoGateway - a B2B solution. CryptoGW has zero log policy and doesn't log any ip or personal information. All transactions are processed over SSL and each session is hashed with SHA512 as they claim.


We hope to see a developing new year with you~